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Dry Eye Treatment and Management-
Would you believe that red, watery eyes are frequently a sign of dry eyes? We live in an arid climate and with all the screen time (computer, T.V., phones, and tablets) dry eyes have become more prevalent in Southern California. Discuss your symptoms with our Doctors and a personalized treatment plan will be developed.

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Frame Selection, Adjustments and Minor Repairs-
For our spectacle wearers, we have an on-site laboratory to cut your lenses. Most places don't want you to use your current frame.  This is difficult for them as they know that you can't be without your glasses, thus requiring you to buy a new frame every time.  We offer the opportunity to use your good quality frames again.  We make sure that the required lenses meet all specifications and then set up a "cutting" appointment for you.  You'll then come in for 20 minutes or so while we edge the new lenses to fit your existing frame.
If it is a new frame that your interested in we have more than 1,200 frames to choose from, with new styles coming in almost daily.  If there is a frame that you have seen elsewhere, ask our staff and they can usually order it for you.
(Don't forget that we do frame repairs and adjustments as needed.)


Vision Care Specialists-

Our comprehensive exams include computer assisted autorefractions,  visual fields and glaucoma testing and treatment.  Your exam will also include biomicroscopy to check for cataracts and for external diseases.  Dilated retinal exams are performed routinely for our diabetic patients and all others at high risk for ocular disease. 


Medical Visits- 

Infections Happen! It doesn't matter young or old, people will get that mysterious red eye or foreign objects in the eye.  Fortunately our doctors can help determine what you have, from a mild allergic conjuntivitis to EKC (Epidemic KeratoConjuntivitis) where you'll miss school or work for at least a week.  Most patients find it easier to have Dr. Hardy or Dr. Kataoka prescribe the right medication right away rather than sitting in the ER for a few hours.

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Dr. Kenneth Hardy O.D.

Dr. Joy Kataoka O.D.

Interested in corrective vision surgery?
LASIK or Cataract questions?-
Many patients are interested in the latest surgical innovations. We will help guide you to the best surgeons for your specific needs.  We support our lasik and cataract surgery patients throughout the process. With co-management with many local surgeons we will help ensure that you get the best possible outcome. 

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Contact Lens Evaluations-

In our contact lens department, our doctors fit virtually every type of  contacts on the market. We fit all the most difficult eyes, including toric, bi-toric, bifocal, bandage and contacts for kerataconus. (If you don't know what most of these are, be thankful.) We have a large variety of different soft lenses in stock both standard and disposable. We also specialize in the lost art of gas permeable hard lenses.